Universal Peace experience

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The Meditation/Prayer/Ho'oponopono Intention offering for Universal Peace is currently seeking volunteers to set aside some time every day to send love and healing energy to the Universe. The dates are to be announced shortly. Please watch out for emails, or visit this page.

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NEW WORK COMING 2014 The focus of the work will be on the Family Constellation and Bert Hellinger's Systemic therapy.
Bert Hellinger has created a startling and deeply healing way to explore and understand the limitations we impose on our success and health in life, professionally and personally. He has provided a way which allows us to see our agreement to conditions which both constrain us and, often, have little to do with us.

Hellinger discovered that the fates of earlier family members influence those who come later.

Hellinger observed hidden orders supporting the flow of systemic energy in the service of bonding. In families, this energy is love; when these orders are ignored, love is harmed and family members, usually children, come under systemic pressure to balance the harm. Bert Hellinger’s systemic therapy provides a way of restoring balance to the system and alignment with what is. Because of the focus on the individual, family and greater consciences, or souls, this work is said to explore the movements of the soul. 

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March 2013
5th 7.00 to 8.30 Meditation with Mindfulness Darlington, Co Durham 4 consecutive weeks on Tuesday evenings. The emphasis is on compassion for oneself, thoughts manifesting state of being. These are powerful self-healing meditations. More info