Excercise and move-ment


Myth 1: Your muscles will wither.
Reality: Only if you let them.


We are designed to move. We are meant to move. If we don’t move, our muscles wither; atrophy is the technical word.

Movement to stay fit and young is not an option it is a necessity. Even minimal amounts of movement can delay the aging process.

Myth 2: Your mind will become a...that thing full of holes, you drain pasta in it...
Reality: You can change your mind with a few steps-literally.

A growing body of neuroscience indicates that exercise can remake and strengthen the brain, no matter how old you are. A study of mice showed that those mice that regularly used a wheel to run had better skills at mastering (simple) tasks compared to those that didn’t have a wheel to use. L

Humans don't have to run to benefit, though. Even walking seems to have the same effect on the brain:

Myth 3: Your bones will shrink and so will you.
Reality: Not if you stimulate some stem cells.

Osteoporosis, the thinning of bone tissue, is not just debilitating but also demoralizing. Who wants to leave the sofa if you're worried your limbs might snap?

Yet inactivity is one of the biggest threats to bone health. Walking can not only prevent osteoporosis but also re start bone density build up.

My favorite tip

Walk by the sea to get the benefits of exercise, broaden your horizons by looking out to the horizon of the sea. Get in touch with the pulse of the Universe (heard in the rumbling of the waves breaking on the shoreline). Breathe in negative ions – the sort that give you energy (so the opposite to the ones you feel when a thunderstorm is about to happen) and all this is free