Water purity and alkalinity is vital for hydration

Degenerative diseases result from the build up of acidic wastes in the body, notably the liver detoxification pathways, the kidneys and the joints.


We gradually build up these acids as we grow older by eating the wrong foods over an entire lifetime, drinking the wrong beverages, through stress, negative emotions and general pollution which has become a factor of the 20th and of the 21st century.


It is difficult to change the habits of a lifetime, especially when the general consensus is that ‘there is nothing that can be done’. It is just part of ‘growing old’.


It really needn’t be. Nor need it be difficult to make some minor changes that will quickly see an improvement.


Just start with your water.


Water is truly the elixir of life. We cannot live without it. How many other foods/drinks can you say that about? Without water we would quickly dehydrate, lose our cognitive abilities and decline into rapid coma and death. The same cannot be said with food.

Making adjustments to your drinking water can hydrate you; it can make your overall performance better in cognitive abilities, it is anti aging, helps weight loss, and just generally makes you feel healthier.


You can achieve all this simply by alkalizing your water.


The following is a pH food chart.

Alkaline pH           10                    High alkaline Ionised Water

                                                      Raw spinach

                                                      Raw broccoli

Alkaline pH           9.0                   Olive Oil

                                                      Green tea

                                                      Lettuce and raw peas

Alkaline pH           8.0                   Apples


                                                      Carrots, tomatoes, cabbage

       Neutral ph             7.0                   Most tap water

       Acidic pH              6.0                   Fruit juices in cartons

                                                            Most grains




      Acidic pH             5.0                   Cooked beans/pulses




      Acidic pH                         Reverse Osmosis, Distilled and many bottled Waters

      Acidic pH              4.0                   Coffee

                                                            White Bread



     Acidic pH               3.0                   Shellfish




                                                            Soda/fizzy drinks.


Cooking with Alkaline water will increase the speed at which the food cooks and give it a higher pH.  If you rinse your fruit and vegetables to remove harmful spray chemicals used in the growing stage your food will keep fresh longer. (This assumes it has not been irradiated).


Alkaline Water Benefits


Provides lots of energy and mental clarity.


Powerful anitoxidants and hydrogen to scavenge free radicals


Balances body pH to promote wellness and help prevent disease


Micro structured water clusters are smaller and absorbed into the extra cellular and intracellular space giving you better hydration.


Alkaline water facilitates wellness, weight loss and anti aging


Super hydration for healthier skin and detoxification (hydrates 6 x more efficiently than normal water)


Overall prevention of obesity, constipation, osteoporosis and many other ailments.


Please take a lok at the alkaline Water Jug on www.water-people.co.uk or www.water-for-health.co.uk


Investing in your health and your family’s health is the best investment you can make.