"You are most probably going to need to let go of everything you think you know about illness and, more generally, about health and disease, and then we can truly begin."
Dr Alison Adams BDS (Lond.) MS (Michigan)

Holistic Dentist Dr Baber Nisar

After attending an excellent seminar in Stroud given by Dr Alison Adams www.dralisonadams.com on the Mouth Body Connection and how the two cannot be separated, I was introduced to Dr Baber Nisar B.D.S(London), an experienced and highly skilled dental surgeon specializing in, amongst other disciplines, the safe removal of amalgam fillings. I shall be writing a full report shortly, but in the meantime I am able to recommend his services.

In the first visit Dr Baber does a full and thorough check up and takes two x-rays as well as evaluating the the electrical activity present in the fillings. See below ~ for more information or go to http://www.thenaturalrecoveryplan.com/articles/What-Causes-Gum-Disease.html All Dr Baber's work is done under rubber dam with oxygen inhalation. Rubber dam isolates the teeth from the inside of the body to stop the ingesting of any material. In my experience of treating patients who have not had this level of comprehensive rubber dam technique, some amalgam always seems to be ingested causing untold problems from the start. Nutritional support by me will be given both BEFORE as well as after the treatment. All these procedures are necessary, and in my opinion, essential, before mercury amalgam fillings are removed. Remember, when you have a filling (mercury amalgam) removed from your mouth, it is AUTOMATICALLY treated as toxic waste. No 'ifs, no buts' - it is TOXIC WASTE.

~ Metallic restorations can generate electricity as described above and this raises the concern that currents produced may initiate or promote the processes involved in gum disease.

~ Metals used in the mouth also have electrical potentials and differences of over 50mV have been established to be pathological and cause a variety of oral conditions. Most people with amalgam fillings demonstrate potential differences of more than 50 mV between restorations and potentials range from over -400mV to +150mV with negative potentials being considered to be more pathological than positive ones.

~ Dental amalgam fillings also interact with electromagnetic fields to become more electrically active and emit more mercury and people with chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) have been shown to have higher levels of mercury exposure and excretion. For example, the post MRI saliva mercury levels for a sample of patients was on average 31% higher after MRI than before.

If you have any queries, please contact me on 01325 730271 or mobile 07599520406, or go to enquiries@carnabystreetdentist.co.uk

In the meantime, be very sceptical about having your amalgam fillings removed without full support and a comprehensive programme of detoxification in place. This will involve taking certain supplements which are recognised for their chelation effect (i.e. binding to toxins to safely remove them from the person's system). It is my belief that taking homoeopathics are not sufficient alone to adequately peform this function.