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Fatigue and iodine

What is the function of iodine?

Iodine is one of the ‘essential’ trace minerals,  so called because people cannot be well without a sufficient quantity in their diet.  It is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. The thyroid is an endocrine gland situated to the front of the neck, and is shaped like a butterfly with open wings. It plays a major part in governing how tired we feel, and very often people who are deficient have a feeling of being tired all the time, and coldness, especially of hands and feet.

Under normal circumstances, your body contains approximately 20 to 30 mg of iodine held in the thyroid gland.  Smaller amounts of iodine are also found in lactating mammary glands, the stomach lining, salivary glands, and in the blood.

Without sufficient iodine, your body is unable to synthesize the two thyroid hormones, T4 and T3, and because the thyroid hormones regulate metabolism in every cell of the body and play a role in virtually all physiological functions, an iodine deficiency can have a devastating impact on your health and well-being.

A vital element of iodine absorption is the presence of selenium, another essential trace element or mineral. Taking a careful look at what you eat by way of fresh vegetables and protein can help with your uptake of these two minerals. However, it is rarely the solution on its own, in my opinion.

This is why I find it so important to offer patients a good choice of supplements to nuture them whilst they recover their vitality. I concentrate on finding out the balance of their mineral profile to establish not only if they are deficient in any important minerals, but also to see that the mineral balance is good too. I use Mineral Check Ltd for a clear and comprehensive profile.

It speeds up the time in which it takes a person to estalblish what is possibly causing them tiredness, and guides them as to which food are good for them to eat. Additionally it gives them clear guidelines on metabolic profile.

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