Health Programmes and Prices

The Initial Consultation

My passion and skill is to guide people through the complexities of their healing, seeking out the deep and often hidden reasons behind health issues. This is about your health - I understand your concerns.  Is what I offer compatible with your NHS services?  YES! it is entirely compatible, hence my work is called complementary, not alternative. Do you have to make payment? Yes, because I am a private practitioner and this is how private clinics operate. I want the best outcome for you and I do everything I can to make your personal healing experience work for you.  To get started, you can make an appointment and I then send you a Registration form either by email or post; alternatively you can click on the pink box [download form here]  If you can manage to send your Registration form back before the treatment, that would be helpful. This gives more valuable treatment time for you and less on administration. If not, just bring it with you! It will all balance out in the end.  

The First Treatment for Make a Difference

The first treatment is a gentle evaluation of your unique needs. It is one and a half hours long to give time to really explore the deep and possibly hidden causes of imbalances. I have adopted a multi disciplined approach and elements of each enter into each treatment. With kinesiology, the process is always governed by the priority in which your body wants to be treated, evaluated by the bio feedback of muscle testing

Recommended number of sessions

It all depends! Some people like see me regularly once a week to get over their immediate crisis, others prefer to see me once every few weeks, and others just when they feel something isn't going right. I recommend leaving a week between appointments to allow time for self healing and Diana Mossop's Phytobiophysic Flower Essences to work to their full effect. It's really up to you.

Food and Environmental Sensitivity Testing

Lots of people ask me for advice on their 'allergies' and food intolerances.  They might have read something in the press or chatted to a friend and think this might be why they feel bloated, tired all the time, queasy with either constipation or diarrhoea or both.  Food only becomes a  problem as the result of imbalances in the body, usually a disturbance in the bowels.  In other words, a food intolerance is the result of a problem and my role is to get to the cause of that problem.   I recommend Hair Mineral Analysis initially to see how you are absorbing/digesting your food (it's not just about what you eat!), and sometimes Genova Diagnostics for clinical testing and profiles.

This web site no longer has a facility to take payments on line. Please telephone 07599 520406 for guidance on how to make payment.

Programmes and Prices
(1st treatment 1 hours. Payment by cash or cheque only)
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(3 treatments includes 7% discount)
(course of 6 treatments includes 10% discount)
(1st treatment 1 hours. Payment by credit/debit card prior to first appointment)
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(3 treatments with 7% discount)
(course of 6 treatments includes 10% discount)
Healing with Phytobiophysics
(Using the healing energy of plants to bring about harmony of mind and body)
(Includes up to 5 vibrational remedies)
Reiki Jin Kei Do Healing
(One Hour of pure relaxation with this gentle healing.)
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Food and Environmental sensitivity testing
(35 minutes- a safe and effective way to highlight hidden food intolerances, candida overgrowth, parasite infections and chemical overload..)
(Using kinesiology to test for muscle response.)
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Consultation by telephone
(Usually an hour)
(Suitable for Hair Mineral Analysis investigations)
Meditation Group
(Minimum 4, maximum 6 people 2 hours)
(per session per person )
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For more information on any of the above or to book an appointment
(please telephone 07599 520406 or email
One day workshop
(including lunch and refreshments, price to be advised)

Any herbs, vitamins and minerals I recommend are not included in the fees. The Flower Formulas and Superfit Tree Formulas of Prof Diana Mossop are an important part of the treatments act as mid-appointment support of your treatments!  This means they are really important. As a practitioner I only recommend the best quality supplements which have been tried and tested to the highest standards. They are all bio-available [no cheap synthetic chemical substitutes]. It means they are much more likely to work than the cheap alternatives, and they are safe to use.

Treatment Options

This is why a chat at the begining is so useful.  A telephone consultation on Naturopathic health solutions is perfect if you are too busy to visit the clinic after the first treatment but still require further health advice and 'practitioner only' supplements and herbs. For Hair Mineral Analysis consultations a clinic visit is preferred but it is not a necessity.   Please telephone 07599 520406 for more information on the support programme between treatments.

...and in case of ......

Sometimes it isn't possible to make your appointment. Please note that cancellations require 24 hours advanced telephone notification or the fee for the appointment will be charged except in a genuine emergency, of course. The Healing Touch Therapy Clinic has an answer machine for you to leave messages. A courtesy telephone call giving sufficient notice to re arrange your appointment ensures those waiting for appointments have an opportunity to make one at short notice.

The committment from me is to work with you in your search for better health; a willingness on your behalf to do the same is an important part of the journey forward.

I do kinesiology and naturopathy for health and vitality in Darlington, Hartlepool, Teesside, Newcastle upon Tyne and Stockton on Tees

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